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If you’ve got fruit, we can make juice. Click the link below to learn about our different juicing services.

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What people say about Okanagan Beverage Co

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"Mobile Juicing makes it easy for us to turn our apples into high-quality, shelf-stable apple juice. Our customers love the bag-in-box format - and even months later the juice tastes just as delicious as the day we pressed it. The Mobile Juicing team is professional, friendly, and genuinely cares about providing us with a quality product. We have done business with them for over a decade now and highly recommend them!"

-Cambium Cider

"The team at Kristen & Remo Empires Incorporated goes above and beyond to provide kick-ass service, find creative solutions to difficult problems (often on the fly), and laughs often even when freezing cold, fixing broken gear, or covered in various forms of fruit mash (usually all three simultaneously). They are inspiring, hardworking, and some of my favourite humans. When I grow up I want to be like Kristen and Remo."

-Melissa Dobernigg

"Kristen and her team have been nothing but above and beyond amazing to work with. Always fair and always somehow able to pull a miracle out of the air at the most inopportune times (like a 23,000L pressing in April) – the juicing team always pulls through."

-Jeremy Bourboing, Journey North Cider Co.

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