About Okanagan Beverage Co.

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Our Story

Okanagan Beverage Co. is committed to providing juicing services that promote economic, environmental and cultural sustainability in the Okanagan. What started as a mobile juicing operation has expanded to include a juicing facility in Coldstream, BC offering juicing services, wholesale juice, packaging, sourcing services, and more.

Every year, growers in the Okanagan face several challenges; low prices for fruit, increased prices for services, and little to no government support. A lack of subsidies coupled with no anti-dumping tariffs on imported fruit are negatively impacting food security in our area.

Our mission is for growers to increase their bottom line with the value-added products we make for them. When it’s financially viable, the orchards and orchardists will continue to grow the fruit that the Okanagan is known for. Local food means local jobs, a better economy, and a healthier environment.

Owners of Okanagan Beverage Company Kristen and Remo

Our Mission

To transform Okanagan-grown produce into awesome juice products that create more value for our customers, and reduce food waste in our landfills.

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Our Vision

To make juice production a zero waste process.


Washing Fruit Apples Mobile Juicing Process

Our Values


We believe in supporting growers by maximizing the use of locally grown produce, no matter its size, shape or colour. By redirecting rejected fruit to juice, the growers increase their returns and there’s less waste in the landfill. We believe our service creates a positive benefit for growers, our customers and our environment.


We believe that there’s absolutely zero room to cut corners when it comes to preparing awesome products. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best produce and operating under the most stringent manufacturing standards in the industry. Awesome juice is what we’re all about.


Growing produce is hard work. At Okangan Beverage Co. we believe that every grower deserves a fair price for their produce and everything that went into growing it. We do not, and will not put our own profitability above that of our customers, ever.


No means no, yes means yes, and tomorrow means tomorrow. At Okanagan Beverage Co. we are honest, committed, and true to our word. We don’t look for short cuts or ways to wiggle out of our commitments, but always try to be flexible for our clients.


By maximizing the output of produce, we help to generate more income for growers and help to improve their quality of life. We hope that growers will increase their bottom line with the value-added products we make for them.

Our Team

Our team of fruit and juice enthusiasts are standing by to squish your fruit. We bring over a decade of experience in juicing and take great pride in being the Okanagan’s juicing hub of activity!

Okanagan Beverage Co Team Provides Expert Fruit Juicing Services

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