About Okanagan Mobile Juicing

MobileJuicing.com is a family owned and operated mobile juicing service. We make fresh cherry juice, apple juice, and berry juice on the same location where the fruit was grown.

We strive to offer our clients the best possible service that meets their specific needs. We have come to learn the struggle that growers in the Okanagan face every year; low fruit prices, costly services, no government support. Lack of subsidies and no anti-dumping tariffs on imported fruit are impacting food security in our area.

We help growers increase their bottom line with the value-added products we make for them. Supporting the orchards, and orchardists to continue growing the exceptional fruit that the Okanagan is known for.

Local food means local jobs, a better economy, and a healthier environment. Not to mention that it’s in our best interest that the growers are doing well… The circle is complete.

Mobile Juicing’s History timeline

Mobile Juicing history is a tale of learning, growing and pursuing the path to perfection. Below is a scratch on the surface of our whole story. If you find it interesting -lets talk over a glass of juice one day.

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