The Apple Cider industry

year over year growth in us sales apple ciderIn some parts of Canada and the US, apple cider is simply unfiltered apple juice, but to the majority of the world ‘cider’ refers to the fermented version that tickles our tastebuds and our senses. Whether you call it ‘hard cider’ or just cider, you can also call it delicious and here to stay!

There has been an undeniably huge growth in the cider industry in recent years, riding the pop culture wave with foodies, craft breweries, and the eat local movement. With the falling prices in the fresh apple market, many are turning to value added products like juice and cider. If growers aren’t making it themselves, independent businesses are buying up the special cider apples to make their own products and filling this niche market. It is needless to say that cider variety apples are a huge shortage right now and supply can’t meet the demand.

Unlike many of the large-scale commercial ciders that are very sweet and often use imported apple juice concentrates, these small estate cideries use local fruits, traditional fermentation methods, and produce a more ‘dry’ tasting cider. And it doesn’t stop with apples! To satisfy a broad spectrum of tastebuds, many other fruits like cherries and berries and even spices are added to create a variety of exciting, refreshing and tasty beverages.  Converting beer drinkers and stealing the hearts of the gluten intolerant, this gender-neutral drink has found its place at the right time in todays society.

This is an opportunity for farmers to join up with Mobile Juicing.  Our mobile service is more efficient and cost effective than purchasing all the processing machinery. Small scale producers can take advantage of our high tech system, benefiting from our bin dumper, quick output (1400kg/hr) and high yields (75%). It also saves transportation expenses whether we juice at the cidery or wherever the fruit is grown.

If you have cider apples, please let us know!  We are frequently being asked where to find these specialized varieties so if you have Newtowns, Crab Apples, Brayburns or any other cider apples, contact us and we may be able to connect you with buyers.