Cherry Juice

Making cherry juice is a two-day event, resulting in a spectacular product. It has very little sediment, deep colour and incredible flavor!


We are making the cherry juice with your fruit, so we need a hand when working on your property. The responsibilities of the farmer are to select the best fruit for juicing, load their fruit bins into the tipper, dispose of mash and take their juice away from the processing area.

How it Works

Day 1

The first day we position the trailer in a place where it will stay for the duration of processing. The area must be flat and open to allow for the loading of fruit, positioning of mash tanks and accumulation of finished juice. We must also be within 100ft of a drinking water source that we use for washing fruit and machinery. On day 1 we only destone the fruit – we separate the flesh from the pit in a pureeing process.


The farmer is responsible for:


Loading fruit – a dedicated forklift and driver is required as we process over 800lb every 15 minutes.


Having an empty bin to dispose of pits and stems and empty as needed. Bin liners help to prevent a messy site.


Maintaining a safe and secure area for the juice tanks and trailer until the next morning.

Day 2

The second day we assess the yield and pasteurize and package your product in your desired packaging size. When all is said and done we clean up, pack up and leave you with your fresh juice.


The farmer is responsible for:


Having pallets or bins ready for the juice product.


Watch the show! We are packing your juice at over 1000L/hr – our team knows how to move!
Move the bins of finished juice away as needed to allow us to make your juice efficiently. Store them in a cool, dry, pest free location.


Dispose of by-product. As soon as we have the juice out of the tanks, the remaining mash must be removed to allow for immediate cleaning by our crew. Please have this planned out ahead of time.
Payment before we leave the site. Thank you for having us!!

Day 3

Pack and Enjoy!


We leave your juice boxes opened to allow the product to cool faster. Once cooled, the tops can be closed and the boxes stacked. This is important to do immediately to prevent rodents or pests from damaging your product. Now is also a good time to add additional labels or stamps with your name and branding.


We recommend stacking no higher than 4 layers with cardboard protection between layers. Store in a cool, dry, pest-free location. Storage in coolers will extend the quality and longevity of the product, but protect from freezing.

Reserve your time slot now!

Make an enquiry about booking the mobile juicing trailer today – we recommend booking as soon as possible, as we are usually 100% booked during harvest time.