Please read the following booking requirements to ensure a successful juicing day.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and high-quality products for resale. To achieve this, we ask for your commitment to selecting the best fruit to make the best juice.

  1. Fruit should be clean and ripe
  2. No bruised or moldy fruit
  3. No ground falls
  4. No dirt or leaves

The best apples for apple juicing are a combination of varieties and flavors and are pressed within a week of picking. Consider the acidity of the apples when selecting which ones to juice, tart varieties are perfect for blending and help increase storage life.

Cherries should be as fresh as possible for cherry juicing as that is when they have the highest acidity. Stone fruits for other stone fruit juices are best when they are very ripe and soft, but not moldy.

Berries are processed fresh or frozen.  For instructions on freezing and thawing berries, please see the instructions HERE.

We reserve the right to refuse unsuitable fruit any time before or during processing and charge a minimum booking fee of $500.

Booking Requirements

  1. A minimum of 8000 lbs (10 bins) of clean and crisp apples or a minimum 5000 lbs of cherries or berries. If blending apple varieties, please pre-mix the bins. See how HERE.
  2. An open, level space approximately 50ft x 50ft (15m x 15m) that is accessible with tractors, can handle lots of water discharge and maybe a few bits of fruit mash.
  3. A certified potable water hookup in relatively close proximity (100ft) to the working area. Please provide your latest water tests before your juicing day.
  4. At least ONE laborer and tractor to move bins of fruit, mash, and finished product. If bottling, at least THREE helpers will be required.
  5. An appropriate method to dispose of the mash. Old fruit bins work great for transportation to compost areas.  Bin liners are required for cherry processing.
  6. Access to washroom facilities and hand washing stations for our employees. This is a Food Safe Requirement.
  7. PLENTY of pallets or bins for storing your juice. The boxes are left open and spaced out to cool off overnight and can be closed and stacked after cooling. See storage instructions HERE.
  8. Be prepared to go throughout the day without breaks. Once our machine is running, we maintain a continuous flow until all of the fruit has been juiced.

You can expect us to arrive early and leave late. Set up can take up to 45 minutes and clean up can take over 2 hours at the end of the day. We can process over 1500 L of juice/hr under ideal conditions and your assistance is required only during these times.

Important Information

Please note that bookings for 3 or more days require a $500/day deposit. Changes and cancellations must be made at least 72 hours prior to the booking or the deposit will be lost.

We reserve the right to refuse unsuitable fruit any time before or during processing and charge a minimum booking fee of $500.
Please contact us for more information or assistance. 250-­550-­8885 or