Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 72 hours of the booking date.

Cancellations made with less than 72 hours notice will be charged $500/day for unused bookings.


Cancellation fees apply for unacceptable fruit


Please use your discretion when selecting the fruit for juice and consider the timing. Choose good quality fruit and have us come to you a few days after picking. Mobile Juicing is here to help to maximize your return by juicing your excess fruit, but we cannot process it if it is rotten, bruised or moldy and we will sometimes turn away splits.


Absolutely no ground falls will be accepted.


We reserve the right to refuse unsuitable fruit any time before or during processing. If we have come to your property prepared for a full juicing day, a minimum $500 cancellation fee will apply.

Thank you for understanding