Storage Instructions

We take great care in ensuring your products are properly processed and in good condition before we leave your site. Please continue to take care of the products before they meet the final consumer.


We leave the boxes open to help the juice cool after pasteurization. Once the juice has cooled, please close the boxes properly before storing. This will prevent dust, debris or pests from contaminating the inside of the box and around the dispensing valve.

Instructions for Raw Juice

Keep Refrigerated for the best quality and stability. If refrigeration is not available, store the juice in a dark, cool, dry place, free from pests. DO NOT FREEZE THE JUICE. Freezing will damage the bags and the juice will go off quickly once thawed.


We recommend storing Bag-in Box juice in unused picking bins that can then be stacked. Pallets are acceptable, but to maintain the integrity of the cardboard, do not stack the boxes more than 3 high and use pieces of cardboard in between the layers to add strength.


While refrigeration is recommended, Bag-in-Box juice should last up to 12 months when stored in cool temperatures and good apples were used. Expect a 6 month shelf life for late season pressing or when soft, mealy apples were used.


Once opened, the juice still has a 2 month shelf life with or without refrigeration.


Please instruct customers on the proper use of boxes to reduce user error. Boxes should remain in the pouring position after opening. If air enters the bag, the juice needs to be refrigerated and consumed within a week.

Instructions for Raw Juice

Raw juice is made for further processing only. We do everything in our capacity to maintain the cold chain below 4C before it is delivered to the customer.


If raw juice will not be processed immediately, it should be flash frozen and stored @ -20C.