Okanagan Beverage Co. Fundraising opportunity

Fundraising Opportunity

Whether you're looking to buy new uniforms for your team, raise money for your school or give back to the community with donations, Okanagan Beverage Co. is happy to aid you in raising your necessary funds through our simple, no-money-up-front fundraising program. You've got the goal, we've got the juice!

Packaging Fruit Juice Services Okanagan Beverage CoOur Apple Juice

Is completely natural, has no additives, is locally sourced and made right here in Coldstream. 

The Juice was created to rescue delicious, gorgeous-on-the-inside fruit that would otherwise be wasted, and support our BC farmers by providing them additional revenue and supporting the long-term viability of our BC fruit farms.

It comes in Bag-in-Box format of 3 and 5 liters. (Box design may vary)

How it works

1. Register! – Reach out to us! Please fill out the form below, email or call us.
All we need to know is your name, what your fundraising cause is, the timeframe of your fundraiser and the location for the final delivery!

2. Tell Your Friends! – We’ll create a unique website for  your campaign and all you need to do is spread the word to your club, friends, family, acquaintances and generous strangers! They’ll be able to visit the website and purchase all the juice they want online! See an example order form HERE. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

3. Collect! – Once the end-date for your fundraising campaign arrives, we’ll process all the orders taken through the online store and begin putting said order together at our facility. After that, we’ll arrange to have it shipped to the destination of your choosing, you can come and pick it up or your members can pick it up at our facility – Your choice.
We’ll also cut you a cheque with the raised funds and a list of all the lovely people that have purchased the juice. Well done!

4. Distribute! – Inform everyone who purchased juice when and where they can collect their purchased product!