Gearing Up For Cherries and Berries

cherries and berriesOur new machines are on route to Canada and will be mounted onto our existing trailer as soon as they arrive. As soon as your fruit is ready, so are we!

Depending on your quantities and time preferences, we have 3 ways to process your cherries and berries.

The yield for cherries and berries varies, depending on the processing we do and on the fruit we process. The pectin, which holds the juice inside the cells, is quite a bit stronger in cherries and berries then apples, so for a better yield, breaking up the pectin with enzyme or heat treatment is recommended.

There are 3 ways we process cherries and berries.
  1. Enzyme treatment (60-75% yield), (cherries and blueberries) which requires IBC tanks and time (2 days ). After de-stoning / passing, we fill the IBC tanks with the mash and treat it with enzymes, which will separate the solids from the juice. We do not require the press for this and just siphon the juice through the pasteurizer.
  2. Thermo-treatment (40-65% yield), (black-, straw-, rasp-, haskap berries, etc.) which means you heat or freeze the fruit prior to feeding them directly into the press. Here the timing is important, as you don’t want the berries to sit for too long after thawing. In the process of thawing, some juice will leak out of the fruit and a clean, solid bin/container is recommended so no juice gets lost.
  3. Direct Press (30-75% yield). (apples, pears, etc) We feed them straight through the press and extract the juice by pressure. This is the simplest way, but has the lowest yield for berries. Apples yield about 60-75% depending on freshness and variety.
The above estimates are from our juicing operation last year. Option 1 and 2 are a bit more involved and a good choice if you want to get the most out of your cherries and berries.
Option 3 is for clients that just want to get rid of culls and harvest some juice out of it.
Please note that our minimum for cherries and berries is 3200 lb.
If you have any more questions, we would be happy to answer them all. Contact us @ 250 550 8885 for more information.