HACCP and Improving Our service

Food Safety and us

Our food safety system is reworked after each season, but never to the level it saw in 2017!  Now we can proudly say we are HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified.

Mobile Juicing was accepted to participate in a cost sharing initiative put forth by the Federal Government and the Government of BC, called the Post Farm Food Safety and Traceability Program. This program helped us to improve and implement specific GMP (good manufacturing practices), improve and develop catered SOP (standard operating procedures), enhance our HACCP  based food safe plan to a fully certified plan, and help upgrade our facilities where needed.

Without the help of this program we would already be meeting the minimum requirements for food safety, which is fine for some, but not for us.  This program afforded us the ability to work our way to the top, to pioneer the path once more (no known mobile processing facility had been audited previously) and provide our clients with the safest, best tasting products!

Why Pursue HACCP Certification?

We stay sensitive to the evolving needs of our clients. Since the beginning, we have worked with several different packaging suppliers to find the one that suits us and our clients the best. We have changed and upgraded our machinery to do more fruits, to get a higher yield, to juice faster, and to make it easier.  We pursued the HACCP certification for the same reasons.  See our full history here.

mobile juicing, trailer, rack and cloth, press
Our “first born”. Rack and Cloth press 2012

We would have been fine to continue with our previous food safe program that met the industry standard, so why go through the added intensity of HACCP?

Here are our reasons:
1. To ensure our products meet an international standard, not just a local one
2. To provide the best possible service to our clients
3. To stay one step ahead of food safety regulations that may be implemented in the future
4. To help potential clients select the best processor in the industry
5. To assist in the ability for our clients to export their products

What this means for our clients?

A little extra diligence for a certifiably safe product. We will ask for the latest water

these look like empire apples
Nice looking apples!

test results before showing up to process.  We will inspect the fruit before it is loaded and reject it if it doesn’t meet our standard. We will also advise on the best storage practices for finished juice product.

What we do in return is take extra special care of your product during each step of the processing.  We maintain the highest quality with a high focus on consumer safety.

It was a lot of work, and it’s not over yet, but there are no regrets in pursing this direction. Our clients can feel good knowing their products were produced by a HACCP certified facility.

Read more about HACCP on the CFIA website.

Thank you to SAI Global for your auditing services.