Mixing Varieties (for Bin Dumper) and Processing Speeds

Mixing Varieties for the Bin Dumper

Splitting an apple bin into two for the bin dumper

Ever since we decided to get a bin dumper, we knew it would be a bit more challenging for our clients that like to mix varieties. That is why we decided to create a little video for you to show you how easy it actually is to mix 2 or more varieties into full bins. Just click on the video to see it!

Here a short description of what to do:

  1. Place 3 (for big bins) or 4 (for half bins) pallets in front of two empty (big) bins.
  2. Place bin on top of pallets with a small gap (10 inches or so) between full and empty bins.
  3. Lift the full bin with the tractor or forklift on the outside half. This will tip the bin onto and into the empty bins.
  4. Lift the full bin until you reached the desired level of apples in the empty bins or until it is emptied. You might have to move forward as you lift your full bin so the forks don’t slip off.
  5. Et voila! repeat the process with all different varieties.

The dumping of the bins into the hopper will further mix the apples. We also have two 300 liter tanks that will hold more then a bin and mixes the juices completely.

Processing Speeds

Hopper and Belt PressWe knew that mixing varieties might be a bit more preliminary work, but the bin dumper is necessary to feed the bigger press which has doubled our processing speed from previous years. We can (but don’t have to) process up to 4 bins per hour when pasteurizing and packaging, and up to 5 bins per hour for raw pressing. These numbers are of course if the apples are crisp and the person loading the bins is fast and committed!

Now imagine having to shovel those amounts!

We’ve done a few apple days so far and have a good idea of what we can do. We processed over 4000 liters of juice (16 full bins) into 3 and 5 liter packaging in just under 6 hours. The 3 liter takes a bit more time on the packaging end, but basically we can do almost 900 liters per hour packaged into 5 liter boxes! What this means for you, is that we will be using less of your precious time and be out of your way quicker!

Having said all of this, if your pressing day is a public event, we can take our time to show off the process talk to your potential clients.

With our increased processing speeds, it is nice to have a few extra farm hands to help on the juicing day to take away the mash and the juice to the appropriate locations. We bring two hard workers for the machine and while one person from the farm is enough to drive tractors, remove product, mash and bring empty bins, an additional helper makes things go even smoother.

As always, should you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 250 550 8885.