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The same awesome on-site services we've provided for the last 11 years -now including Bag-in-Box filling services for wine and RTD beverages.

Okanagan Mobile Juicing Site Trailer Services

Apples and Pears

Our mobile press is capable of pressing 2000L| of apple juice in an hour. With an average 70% yield, it squeezes out 225-250 Litres of juice per 800lb bin of apples.

The pressing capacity is achieved with the onboard bin tipper which accommodates all bin types and sizes. It dumps fruit quickly and efficiently into the water basin where it is then lifted up the elevator. 

The fruit drops into a grinder and the pomace is fed directly onto the continuous belt press.

Depending on the service required, the juice is pumped into IBCs for further treatment or stays onboard to be pasteurized and packaged.

The press can also extract juice from other fibrous fruits and vegetables.

Apples Mobile Juicing Services

Stone Fruits

Our destoning machine can process all stone fruits and berries. It has the capacity for up to 5000lb of fruit per hour.

Like apples, the bin tipper lifts the stone fruits and drops them into a water bath before heading up the elevator.  They are directed down a chute and into the top of the destoner. From there, it separates the flesh of the fruit from the pit, resulting in a puree.

The mash is pumped into IBC’s and the puree is treated with enzymes to extract juice. Puree is processed immediately for smoothies or left in IBCs for fermenters.

The fruits need to be soft for the best result and higher yield. Stone fruits like cherries and peaches need to be processed soon after picking and before rot or mold sets in. It is a dance with time to process the fruit when it is soft and sweet.

We recommend booking your time-slot early to avoid possible spoilage.

Stone Fruit Juicing Cherries Bulk Mobile or Wholesale
Peach Stone Fruit Juicing Okanagan Services

Mobile Bag-In-Box Filling (Wine/RTD)

The packaging machine is a one-of-kind bag in box filler. It has the capacity to fill any size packaging at an optimal speed of 1200L/hr.

Size options range from 1.75 L to 1000L Bag-in-Box and we only use trusted suppliers to ensure safety, preservation, and presentation.

Our standard box design contains information including quantity and instructions for use, but we always leave room for branding and nutritional labels. Custom printing is also available for larger orders.

The inner liner preserves the juice for 12 months at room temperature. It has a one-way dispensing valve that ensures fresh-tasting juice for 2 months after opening.

Bag in a Box Retail Ready Juice or Wine Filling Mobile Juicing Service

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