Strong and Confident about our Bag-in-Box

apple juice bag-in-box We can finally say we are 100% happy and confident with the design, strength and function of our new 3 and 5 litre bag-in-box. Over the past two season of operation we have put our bag-in-box packaging through challenging tests and we have high standards for a passing grade. We have finally perfected the design and are now using a much stronger cardboard.

Our first priority is strength, the paper and the glue have to stand up to heat, moisture and rough handling. To present your product professionally, the cardboard must be able to retain its rectangular shape when 5kg of liquid is exerting outward force on the sides when hot or cold. Stacking the boxes for space conservation is also a consideration and a box with bulging sides just doesn’t hold up. We also want strength and shape retention after the perforations on the side or top are broken, and we have made a few design changes to ensure it.

The functional changes we have made to the bag-in-box last year were the removal of one side handle and the built in riser. This year we’ve reduced cuts again by decreasing the size of the opening on the top flap that houses the valve. These changes alone have increased overall strength, and with a better cardboard, our dreams for the perfect apple juice (and cherry or berry juice boxes) are finally coming true. We are also excited about the ‘little brother’ 3L box, a smaller version of the 5L, but completely new to the market, our 3L box is entirely unique!  Please see the video below for visual details on the changes. 

Our print designs have been made with our clients in mind with all of the important information presented, but enough space leftover for a fun label. To accommodate our new services, our standard boxes now have “100% pure Apple Juice” or “100% pure Fruit Juice” for all the cherry, berry, or blended juices we are looking forward to making.

Ps. you can still have your customized boxes, but they won’t be of the new design and cardboard.