Tricky Juice Sale Business

tricky apple juice saleHere at Mobile Juicing we do what we can to give our clients a helping hand. We love pressing apples that would have otherwise been left to rot and hopefully we are helping farmers to a more sustainable future. We try to grow and change with the demand by offering personalized packaging options and catering to our clients individual needs when we can. We have even helped to sell juice for our clients by making connections to local stores, retail outlets and friends by putting them in touch directly with the growers.

Many who venture into making juice with us know that they are making an investment in their future and that they will only see the return if they are able to sell all of their product. The juice sale business is no easy task and the primary focus of our clients still is and always will be growing fruit…and they are really good at that!

There are a few more of our ideas that can maybe help that selling process…

  • Create an Event on the day of juicing.

When we come to the orchard it can be a fun event for families and friends. People get to see the apples go in and the juice come out, they can sample the sweet goodness and can’t resist going home with armloads and telling all their friends to do the same. There is really nothing like inviting the town to your own Apple Harvest Festival.

  • Try Local First.

Spend a day or two going to your local stores, coffee shops, restaurants, catering companies, schools, everywhere with a few sample boxes. Get the juice in people mouths, talk it up and tell them how long is lasts on the shelf once opened – it gets them every time! We are very proud of our packaging and the prolonged shelf life!

  • Get IN on Fundraising.

Have you ever had kids knocking on your door selling cookies or chocolate covered almonds? Selling locally pressed apple juice instead not only supports the kids fundraising efforts, but also supports local growers! Encourage advanced orders and juice could be picked up at a central location.

  • Get talking on Social Media.

Yes, I’m serious, spending some time in front of the computer will help you to reach your buyers who are also in front of their computer and smart phones most of their day.
Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Flikr. Pintrest. LinkedIn, Google+. Be on all of them and share your message. Have a website. Share your successes, share your struggles. Sell your juice.

The ‘local’ logic requires a good marketing effort to get the juice into the fridges of apple juice lovers. Having a constant presence will help the sales and today’s social media is the ticket to your clients kitchen.

  • Want to think bigger????

To get in retail chains you have to have a large supply and be willing to sell at wholesale rates. You will want personalized boxes for these guys because they will want your ‘Brand’ and they will want it all year round. You may have to palletize and ship the juice and you will definitely have to have a nutritional label and UPC code. Getting ‘in’ with the chains is not an easy first step, but easier to maintain.

If you have any sales tips or advice for our growers, or just want to comment on our ideas, please comment on our Facebook page or contact us here.